November 28, 2023

1. Ignore her friends. This is disrespectful to her close friends. And disrespecting her as in ‘her friends don’t matter’. หี : Her friends are worried about a boy she just met.

to. Also, the female code usually checks each other. in case you ignore her friends and try to identify her, this disrespects them and violates the feminine code… whereas, in case you charm her friends, they will talk about you later and remind her how . You are fantastic. Even when she doesn’t love you.

2. Show off. Boast. Boast. People like to talk about themselves and women like to talk. Add two + two. Do not stop bragging about yourself, it will be counterproductive. Try asking for her. And in case it’s boring, well…she probably won’t be any more exciting in the day. At least you understand. It will work much better than telling you what car she drives and what she works on.

3. Don’t dance with her. Almost all women like to dance. Even in case you are mean, just goof around and enjoy, she will appreciate it. How often have you noticed a woman say that she hates dancing?

4. Being very aggressive. Be assertive but not desperately aggressive. Don’t focus all your attention on her… just show interest and you are genuine. Be extremely attentive but continue to stick around so she realizes that she usually has other options and doesn’t need you.

5. Take advantage if she is drunk. If she is totally drunk and you are taking advantage… she will understand early in the morning and most likely she will not feel good about you or maybe what happened. When you don’t care about her alone and you want a quickie, then she understands what exactly you’re going to get and realizes that you’re pretty desperate. Wow.

If you would like something with her in the afternoon, don’t take advantage of it and it will be worth double points out of respect.

6. Use predictable lines. Complement different things as well as memorable. Don’t say exactly how hot it is. Rather say something that tends to make her feel special, special, without being the same as any sexy woman. To get her attention if she’s hot, don’t start with what’s your girl’s name or maybe what you should do. She’s already noticed ten times at least. Really, say something unique and even shocking.

Note: The sexier she is, the more original she is.

7. Letting her take control of ‘here’s my number’. Be sure to use the ‘let me call you and then keep my number’ collection. Then you make sure that she gives you the correct number.

8. Trying to get her to bed after the club instead of going out to eat. Taking her out to meet her friends after her is fun and also not threatening. And it will certainly result in various other problems. But trying to buy her to come home with you right after the club is pushy and not clever or even cute.

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