September 29, 2023

What is the easiest way to ask a woman out? Is there a set formula that just seems to… work? This is my opinion on the subject: The correct way to ask a woman out depends on the person she is. It depends on the similarities with yours. The location you find. Let me give you an example to clarify:

1. You see a female at the dog park.

The best way to ask out a woman you met at the dog park is to talk about… your dogs! Exactly how adorable hers is, how fluffy yours is, and so on. call girls istanbul can also tease her by saying this particular KILLER line: “Your dog is so cute. *pauses for a second* He (or she, but don’t say ‘that’!) thinks he has a shot at Tina of mine (or whatever your dog’s name is).

Look what just happened here: you did some opposition, you made fun of it, and you also threw your dog (under the radar) at exactly the same time. Now she does respond, and also at the same time, she reveals the name of her dog. Anything like, “Your dog is nice, but he’s not fit for Charlie!”

Now you have a connection. You are not 2 strangers. Asking her out on a date in the park later is going to be easy now. Moving on to our next example

2. The woman you usually drive with on the subway

I think you’ll understand the best way to ask a woman out in this particular situation much better if I’m going to give you an example straight from the field. Adjust it to fit your personality. Here it goes:

“Hey! Will you follow me? I’ve been watching you every single day for the past week alone!” Then tell her you’re kidding and ask if she really wants to exchange information to reserve additional seats. Mix in a small tease, something like:

“Just to be on the exact same track, we’re just reserving seats for each other. I’m not THAT easy.” If you want to get more arrogant (only if you’re really sure), you can say “This doesn’t mean you have a chance with me.”

Now you are in. Inviting her to spend a day near the train station will be easy for you.

3. The hot woman at the party.

This business owner is interesting. The beautiful thing is usually to undertake it “under the radar”. The direct strategy is what many men will do. They will fail. But not you. You ask a friend of yours to introduce you. Chit Chat some time. Add a small compliment. Go up to your friend, tell him to go out and “okay?”.

I don’t know if this is the best way to ask a woman in a meeting, but she certainly is a killer! Let me tell you why. When you say the “OK” to your friend, you do it in a tone that says “here man, I’ve done it. Shall I go now?” Now look what happens…

Now she thinks your good friend FORCED you to meet her. This can drive her crazy! “What the hell is she wondering? Am I so pathetic that I want her help getting a boy?”

The thoughts in the thoughts of her will run like nuts. Sneaky huh? I know 🙂 Now all that’s left to do is skip it for ten minutes, then come back. Throw in a little compliment, look her in the eye and say “You know what? I’ve chosen to give you a chance.”

She laughs, you start chatting, then she says it’s been nice meeting you, she switches to leave, and also on the final second turn again and also says “Hey! This was fun. Is there any way we can do this?” on an extra day? Could I leave soon…”

In case she has followed the steps mentioned above with enough confidence, the woman will say yes nine times out of ten. Do not believe me? I dare you to prove me wrong 🙂 Come back to this later and talk about your experiences. In the meantime, this is how you can ask out any woman, at every school, at any time…

4. Any woman, any time… anywhere.

No matter the situation, the guidelines for asking a woman out remain the same. The scenarios I discussed above are good examples of how you can run them successfully.

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