November 28, 2023

First, here’s Daisy Keech Nude . By nature, guys respond to the visual. They correspond to hot bikini-clad girls on the covers of men’s magazines, violent video games, geeky sci-fi pop culture. Girls on the other hand (and yes, even hot girls) naturally respond to what is audio and internal. Gossip magazines, scandals, dialogues in romantic movies.

There are exceptions, but mostly advertising and marketing are based on the rule: men are influenced by what is visual to them, women are influenced by what is audio to them.

If you ask a guy what type of girl he likes, he will most likely describe her hair color, face, body, etc. Ask a woman what kind of man she likes, most likely she will say she wants a man who can make her laugh, loyal, successful, rich… and then talk about his physical attributes.

Beautiful girls have an advantage over most men. They attract attention by smiling and laughing (Visual). But then again, the average guy can also have an advantage over pretty girls. A man can be attractive if he can structure what he says and how he says it. (SOUND)!

Don’t feel disadvantaged if you don’t look so good. You can always wear nice clothes, exercise and convey confident body language. You can get the upper hand because women are sensitive to what they hear and feel. As long as the conversations during your interactions are interesting, fun, and properly structured, you can get the girls to want you.

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